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The digital age has provided innumerable advances and efficiencies, unfortunately, the tech explosion has also exposed weaknesses that criminals can easily exploit. Lack of training and safeguards can put individuals and businesses at extreme risk. We recommend every business perform a Vulnerability Assessment to identify weaknesses in cyber security protocols and therefore create an opportunity for corrections. Oftentimes the assessment highlights the need for training to raise awareness of the tactics and strategies used by cyber criminals.

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Cyber Security and Vulnerability Assessments

Typically the first step in proactively taking on cyber security, our experts work with the client’s IT staff to become familiar with the network configuration. Based on this pre-assessment, a plan to formally assess the cyber security environment is developed to evaluate current policies, actions, and protocols. Post-assessment, a report is provided to share findings and recommended corrective actions.

The next step in assessing cyber security is often a Penetration Test.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is the practice of testing a client’s computer system, network, and web application(s) to find vulnerabilities that a cyber-attacker might exploit. A client’s knowledge and consent tools will be deployed to evaluate their current cyber security position. The findings of these exercises will be reduced to report referencing critical, medium, and low risks. A secondary test is often part of our assessment to evaluate the corrective measures taken by the client.

Cyber Security Training

Although many people regard cyber-security as a complex technological endeavor, a vital part of cyber-security is the “human element.” Cyber-criminals often aim to exploit a human weakness, not technology weakness. One of the most common cyber-attacks is through email, where unsuspecting users load malicious content onto their systems. Frequent training, cyber-security awareness, and testing can go a long way to safeguard any system.

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