Standout Claims Investigation: Mobile/Smartphone Forensics

Mobile/Smartphone forensic experts specialize in the retrieval of data from cell phones and other mobile devices in a way that preserves the evidence, ensuring that it is forensically admissible.

There are many examples of data that may be legally retrieved (sometimes even after being deleted) and analyzed during cell phone forensic investigations. For example:

Apps, passwords, emails, call history, contacts and calendar

  • Text messages

  • Location information and GPS

  • Photos, videos and graphics

With today’s world being so mobile, cell phones are likely the first stop for helpful evidence in an investigating. Requesting a smartphone is not a scare tactic, if you have reason to believe a claim is questionable then a request to submit a personal mobile phone is considered a fair practice in investigating a claim. If someone refuses, it can denote guilt and may result in the subsequent withdrawal of claim. If a phone is obtained then Mulholland Investigations will comb the device for any available evidence to confirm or refutes a claimant’s demand.