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We are Expanding our Coverage Area!

We are expanding our investigations & security team to include Orlando

Mulholland Investigation & Security Consulting is proud to announce the addition of two experienced investigators to our team in Orlando.

Bob Rahn is a retired NYPD Lieutenant, who is licensed in both New York and Florida. Bob's exceptional combination of law enforcement and private investigative experience will be a resource for our clients.

Additional experience:

  • Security vulnerability assessments

  • Civil and criminal investigations

  • Expert in witness interviews

Kim Anklin has earned acclaim for her diligent investigative efforts to exonerate several wrongfully convicted defendants. These cases resulted in multi-million dollar restitutions.

Additional experience:

  • Civil and criminal investigations for plaintiffs and defendants

Even after decades of service to our community, we still strive to be the best we can for our clients. In 2023, that means broader location coverage and new hires to fill the unique needs our clients continue to present.


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