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Collecting Digital Evidence

Did you know the number of mobile devices worldwide has eclipsed the global population? That staggering statistic means one simple thing to Litigators… capitalize on not only the amount of data but the value of potential evidence stored on cell phones.

Mobile devices are now the preferred means of many daily tasks:

  • Banking

  • Job hunting

  • House searching

  • Medical insights

  • Travel planning

  • Social engagement

When considering a routine motor vehicle accident case, attorneys must contemplate whether the adverse party was driving distracted while using their phone. The review of monthly phone bills may provide some insight into mobile device utilization but professional analysis of the device, can reveal evidence regarding the nature of usage. What if the content of a text message, or voicemail could produce valuable evidence? You will want to secure that information!

Technology for collecting digital evidence from mobile devices is advancing rapidly, so, the need to engage a digital forensic expert is paramount, if such evidence is to be utilized in legal proceedings.

Mulholland Forensics experts have over 25 years of experience in computer forensics and specializes in collecting and testifying to digital evidence we have forensically collected.


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