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Surveillance: A Valuable Investigative Tool

We are proud to provide a myriad of valuable investigative solutions (computer & mobile forensics, background investigations, security consulting, and cyber security to name a few), but our most requested service, especially at the holidays, is surveillance. When legal, insurance, or corporate clients need information, they trust us to help. We employ a team of professionals with the experience required to provide helpful information - when conducted ethically and professionally, surveillance can yield valuable results.

Consider scenarios like:

  • Is an allegedly injured person engaged in activities beyond their reported restrictions?

  • Is a person currently working?

  • Does a person reside at the address they’ve provided?

  • Is company product, or time, being misappropriated?

When proper pre-surveillance investigations are conducted the likelihood of surveillance yielding results increases. Surveillance can be a cost-effective means of obtaining bona-fide evidence.

If you are interested in learning more about surveillance, please call 877-354-7989 for a free consultation.


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