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Mulholland Investigation + OCBA

We are investigators, so naturally, we enjoy time spent out of the office working for clients, but we especially appreciate when we are able to connect with our community of clients and potential clients in a casual setting. Sponsoring Orange County Bar Association's (OCBA) September luncheon provided an opportunity to meet friends and clients away from the stresses of the workplace.

We were grateful for the opportunity to present along with other informative speakers to provide insight into topics that are relevant to our investigations. Professionalism and the value of experience in legal investigations are paramount to their applied success.

Our Services

  • Investigations

  • Computer Forensics

  • Surveillance

  • Cyber Security

  • Security Consulting

  • Litigation Support

We focused on our in-house computer forensic capabilities and lab and our ability to take evidence and testify to it from digital devices, specifically mobile devices; a service the audience could benefit greatly from.

Did you miss the event? Have questions? Reach out anytime!


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