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Insurance Defense: Another Tough Claim File

Scenario: An insurance client sends another claim file. Circumstances are not totally clear:

  • Medicals appear credible and are voluminous.

  • Liability looks bad.

  • Complaint alleges plaintiff “unable to enjoy life.”

Where can you turn? How do you confirm the veracity of complaint and the credibility of the plaintiff? Investigate!

3 first steps to successful claim investigations:

1. Background Investigation Information Assessment

  • Different date(s) of birth?

  • Different addresses than provided?

  • Recently renewed, (post-accident) driver’s, hunting, or fishing license(s)?

  • Boat, jet-ski, or motorcycle registrations?

  • Post-accident Police reports, motor vehicle accident reports?

  • Does civil court research reveal a divorce, or litigation with a past business partner or employer?

  • Bankruptcy, liens, or judgments?

2. Social media research

  • Posts, photos, comments?

  • Previously undisclosed post-accident activities, i.e., vacations?

  • Adversaries?

3. Surveillance

  • Does the plaintiff reside where stated?

  • Does the plaintiff’s residence appear well-maintained? If so, who is maintaining?

  • Is the plaintiff more active than alleged? Driving? Boating? Golfing, Gardening, Coaching?

  • Is there an indication of undisclosed business activity at the residence? Commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers, etc.?

  • Daily activities? Transporting kids to school? Grocery shopping?

Professional, experienced investigators will assist you by providing evidence to help mitigate or controvert questionable or exaggerated claims.

Call Mulholland Investigation to discuss how we can help you with your challenging claim file.


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