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Litigation Support- What are you missing?

Litigation Support- What are you missing?

The Mulholland Investigation team has the expertise to provide litigation support assistance in a wide array of matters. People don’t routinely sue their friends. Whether our client is the plaintiff or defendant, we strive to provide timely and relevant information to assist our client in their case. The following are several services we provide that can assist with decision making during the litigation process.

Witness locating and interviewing

The litigated matter could be a vehicle accident, assault or other injury, but locating and interviewing witnesses while their memory of the incident is current always proves to be valuable. Corroborating written and/ or recorded statements are most valuable when litigation becomes prolonged and was not recent.

Background investigations

Learning more about a plaintiff or defendant is vital in litigation. Does the party have similar prior events (suits filed by or against a party) in their past? What were the outcomes of those matters? Has either party provided statements contradictory to findings in their backgrounds? The more information the better.


The adage that a picture paints a thousand words, holds true in litigation. Professionally conducted on-site surveillance with video or photographic documentation can significantly influence the outcome of a litigated matter. Surveillance professionals are cognizant of privacy regulations and the expectation of privacy that individuals are ethically entitled too. Knowledge of regulations regarding the use of GPS tracking devices is essential.

Asset Identification

Prior to engaging in litigation, our clients frequently request we determine if an adverse party has assets. If they have liens and/ or judgements filed against them, litigating may not be a desired course of action. Asset identification can also assist in determining the likelihood of collecting a judgement for the full amount of alleged damages.

Computer Forensics

In today’s society, the proliferation of digital communications has created a need to “forensically” preserve digital evidence. Increasingly, this involves communications, or events that are initiated from or received on a mobile device. The collection and forensic preservation of these items requires expertise and court-certified tools. Our firm has current licensed tools including Cellebrite and Access Data’s FTK. Our in-house forensic examiner has testified in Federal and State Courts on the evidence he collected.

Preparation is a vital element in successful litigation. Whether contemplating filing a lawsuit or engaged in the discovery process, professional litigation support can make significant differences in the outcome of litigated matters.

Please contact Sean Mulholland, CFE, CPP @ 904 354 7989 if additional information is desired.


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