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Valentine's Day: Typical Requests

February 14 is the day many people around the world celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. Although

Valentine's Day: Typical Requests

there are many legends as to when this holiday originated, it is widely recognized as a holiday themed around romance and love. In the U. S. over 190 million cards are sent, which doesn’t include cards sent by schoolchildren. The total estimated expenditures for Valentine’s Day exceed $18 billion.

Unfortunately, not everyone associates Valentine’s Day as a happy holiday. It can highlight inappropriate and unscrupulous behaviors. In our private investigative experience, the days surrounding Valentine’s Day are peak opportunities for surveillance.

Typical requests:

  • Documenting the activities of a clients’ significant other

  • Tracking the activities of someone claiming to be injured and homebound

  • Social media investigations

We will be pleased to conduct investigations requested to provide our clients with desired information.

We hope you and your loved-ones have a happy Valentine’s Day.

The Staff at Mulholland Investigation


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